Elevating the service experience in car care.

Autolab is a chain of car service centers in Colombia. The first national company to provide maintenance and repairs for multiple auto brands, Autolab brings advanced communication, technology, and operational practices to an unsophisticated industry.



Product definition, Creative direction


Polymath Ventures, Bogotá, Colombia


Research: A Limited Labor Market

Autolab began with a deep investigation into labor. Dozens of workers and employers were interviewed and insights were drawn. The team found an acute lack of opportunity in the Latin American job space due to the small size and low level of complexity of businesses. People wanted growth – but the market was too small.

Development: Market Analysis

The design proposal was to “crack open” the labor space up by creating a large sophisticated brand to disrupt a tired market. We looked at large industries with high informality and found auto repair ripe for disruption by a sophisticated, professional brand.


Autolab is disrupting the huge (USD $60B) yet fragmented and informal auto repair market in Latin America through a scale offering of quality end-to-end consumer service experience. Autolab opened its pilot center in August 2014 and quickly gained momentum, with an average 20% month-on-month growth. The second location will open Q3 2016.

Development: Building the Brand

I lead teams in the design of the business concept, the brand, its pilot center, even the brand naming. Later, I lead brand communication development and implementation in-store and on-line. I worked with marketing and operations teams to develop the communication strategy across customer acquisition channels, and to create a more seamless consumer experience.


And it keeps on growing...

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