Get it there safer — and greener

Icestone makes brilliant surfaces for countertops and sinks from recycled glass and concrete. They wanted a shipping crate that wouldn’t damage their products, and that aligned with their company vision.



Project lead, Industrial design


Pratt Design Incubator, Brooklyn, NY


The Challenge: Better Protection

Icestone manufactures LEED-Certified counter top surfaces from recycled glass and concrete from their factory in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Their business was growing, and they needed a new shipping crate design for their slabs of material that travel across the country on flatbed trucks to fabricators.

The Problem: An Unconsidered Process

The previous design was causing material breakage and water damage, and being made of non-recyclable plastic and foam. By watching workers build and load crates for a day, the team noticed many inefficiencies in materials and construction. Poor assembly techniques not only made the crates structurally weak, but put workers in danger as well.

The Solution: Smarter Materials and Techniques

Exploring designs, the team discovered a wood jointery technique used in home truss construction, and sourced a manufacturer to partner with. After rounds of full-scale prototyping on the road, the final design incorporates pre-assembled trusses of FSC-certified wood, and smart materials like Dupont Tyvek®. Standard Operating Procedures were created for crate assembly, loading and unloading, and transport that ensured proper material handling and worker safety.


In the News...

This design and business solution caught the attention of MSNBC. Watch it here.