The curious challenge of after-school education.

KIDU is a chain of after-school learning centers for lower and middle-class children ages 6-12 in Colombia. With a pedagogy that combines 21st Century learning methodologies, with homework help and tutoring, KIDU works towards academic development in an engaging, safe environment.



Product definition, Creative direction


Polymath Ventures, Bogotá, Colombia


Research: Learning From Parents

In an investigation into the changing behaviors of working mothers in Colombia, a research team uncovered that parents felt strong guilt when they were away from their kids, especially after school. They enrolled their kids in occasional activities, but didn’t know how to provide the most for them.

Development: Building The Brand

The team developed the concept of a large, flexible space for rotating activities. We found that with a combination of flat fees and membership models, this could be an interesting business, and that retention would be key to success. KIDU serves families where both parents work, a growing trend in Latin America's middle class. With an addressable market of 160 million children, KIDU is capturing an $800 million dollar opportunity.


KIDU opened its doors in 2014 in its pilot space. For the economics to work, KIDU centers needs to be big. Centers are 3,000-5,000 ft2 in size to hold 200-300 kids. A pilot space sits in Cedritos, a middle-class neighborhood in Bogotá, Colombia. It has three project rooms and a gymnasium, and can hold 125 kids.

KIDU specializes in non-cognitive skill-building, like leadership, collaboration, and empathy through structured exercises, supplemented with homework help and English language exposure.


And it keeps on growing...

KIDU is getting bigger, expanding beyond its first center and offering more education options for kids of a wider age range. You can see more here