Aligning the messy taxi transportation industry

Táximo is a taxi administration company that is professionalizing the messy back-end of the taxi transportation industry to give taxi riders, drivers and owners a more secure, professional experience.



Product definition, Creative direction


Polymath Ventures, Bogotá, Colombia


Research: Observing urban mobility

Our team at Polymath discovered that the poor (and sometimes dangerous) experience of riding in a taxi was the result of extremely misaligned incentives within the industry. The taxi market was huge with substantial opportunity for disruption by a company that could clean up back-end fragmentation and informality.

The Business Solution: Building The Brand

Taxis are owned by individuals — an attractive investment in Latin America. But managing the asset: hiring drivers, maintaining vehicles and collecting money from fares, is a considerable effort. Táximo manages taxis for owners, handling the complete process while giving owners a fixed return, and capturing value through operational efficiency.


Today Táximo has won the trust of over 500 taxi owners, and is managing a fleet of over 1,000 taxis in four cities across Colombia and Peru. They have become the largest professionalized taxi administrator in the region, hiring and training thousands of drivers who have stable, growing careers – many for the first time in their lives.


And it keeps on growing...

Táximo continues to grow across Latin America. Check out Táximo here www.taximo.co.co