Specialized career navigation for the sales industry.

VincuVentas (translation: Sales Link) is an employment tech startup specializing in sales careers. Through data analytics and a human-centered approach, VincuVentas demystifies – and quantifies, the magic behind what makes a good salesperson, allowing professionals to best profile themselves, and companies to find just the right candidate.



Product definition, Creative direction


Polymath Ventures, Bogotá, Colombia


Research: Diamonds in the Rough

Our research team discovered that although sales careers represented a huge portion of the labor market, it was very difficult for companies to find the right people, and for sales professionals to show their qualities to the market. Existing job channels lacked in profiling skills and matching talent to opportunity.

The Solution: Two-way Connection

VincuVentas is a Saas employment platform bringing together salespeople with the companies that need them. Candidates can join for free to build sales-centric professional profiles, and companies pay a monthly membership to browse candidate pools using sophisticated filters and make contact with the talent they like quickly.

The Brand Today: Constantly Improving

Today has over 200 clients in Colombia including L’Oreal and Allianz, and a database of 70,000 candidates. With a dual-sided connection system, companies are able to hire candidates in an average of five days, and able to save, organize and share candidates for future hires.


And it keeps on growing...

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